Creating oil and gas opportunities through technology and experience coupled with responsible and prudent operations.

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Strand Energy, L.C. is a privately held Texas limited liability company (LLC) headquartered in Houston. Strand's primary business is the development and production of oil and gas reserves in several onshore basins within Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The Company was formed in 1996 through the combination of certain assets from Strand Energy, Inc. and Dolomite Resources, Inc with additional capital provided by a small group of private investors. Strand is built around an experienced staff of multi-disciplined professionals who combine sound geologic, geophysical, engineering and lease acquisition skills. The staff has a wealth of experience in 3-D seismic interpretation, reservoir engineering, and in drilling and completion technology. The combination of strong engineering and land skills is matched with geoscientists who have extensive regional focus to generate projects that target attractive returns without excessive risk. Collectively, Strand's prospect generation staff has been directly responsible for the discovery of more than 15 million barrels of oil and 650 billion cubic feet of gas. Currently Strand has 15 employees at its downtown Houston office and additional contract personnel in the field.

Strand's goal is to maximize the rate of return earned for its shareholders and its working interest partners while managing the risks inherit to the exploration and development portion of the oil and gas industry. Strand's strategy for risk management includes maintaining a diverse portfolio of oil and gas projects; focusing on plays where the company has regional expertise; applying current geological, geophysical, and engineering technology; operating our wells; and, periodic disposition of producing properties. Application of new, but commercially proven, technology increases our probability of successfully producing economic reserves independent of product price. By conducting safe, timely, and efficient operations on our properties, Strand controls costs associated with drilling, completing and producing our wells. In addition to reducing reserve and product price risk, the timely disposition of producing properties allows our staff to focus on the development of new projects rather than the administration of existing properties. Strand has consummated transactions with several large industry entities such as ChevronTexaco, BP, Marathon, Devon, EOG Resources, the Gas Research Institute and the United States Department of Energy. Strand actively seeks strategic industry alliances on projects where a prospective partner has ideas or assets that may benefit from Strand's technical strengths.

Strand Energy - Areas of Operations

Areas of Operations